Solar For Your Home

We are trying to lead a solar energy revolution and this can only be accomplished if every person we encounter becomes a champion for solar power. We do this by providing quality solar panels, quality solar installation professionals and quality assurance and quality control processes to help ensure our customers’ solar power systems perform as promised.

With more than a hundred thousand solar panels deployed, Home Solar Panel North Hollywood is a solar panel installation company that has proven it can deliver. When you are looking for a solar installation services in Westlake Village, Home Solar Panel North Hollywood has an office nearby to help you declare energy independence.

We are committed to protecting our clients financial investments, so we offer only solar panels, racking systems, inverters, and other components that are made by manufacturers with proven track records of success. Your system will deliver for the next 20+ years or longer.



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Will Solar Work for You?

Going solar will work for residential property owners if:

You own your home

Your electric bill is more than $100 per month

Your roof faces to the south, east or west

Your proposed solar installation has good sun exposure (9 am and 4 pm.)

If your property meets these minimum qualifications, you are an excellent candidate for going solar.


After an initial phone consultation to gather some basic information, Home Solar Panel North Hollywood will send a qualified solar project developer to your home for free to verify if your home is a good candidate for solar panels. Your solar project developer will also review your options and provide you detailed finance options.

Does Solar Power Make Financial Sense for You?

People often wonder whether solar power installations are cost effective. In most cases, when your monthly electric bill is $100 or more, going solar is the way to go.

Once we make sure that your home is suitable for a solar panel installation, you will be given a number of different ways to purchase your system -- pay cash, take out a solar loan, etc. to pay for your solar energy system. We will provide you all the options and let you decide what makes most sense for you.

Whatever way you decide to pay for your new solar energy system, you can go solar for no money out of pocket while saving each month over the life of your solar energy system. And remember any decision to go solar beats staying with your local utility.



We Are the Preferred Source for Homeowners in North Hollywood


At Home Solar Panel North Hollywood, we care about the way your solar works and looks for you. In fact, our Solar Installation experts don’t just drill solar panels to your roof like other competitors. Our installation techniques are unique in the solar industry and we actually preserve your roofing tile. Our low-profile mounting system protects you from leaks and also gives your home a design you can boast about for years to come.

Are you ready to start saving? See how much you could cut costs by making the change to solar. Call our Solar Design Center and speak with our helpful team directly at (818) 646-6619.

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